New Series: Intro To Transitioning [Launching Monday]

A while ago, I asked some of my lovely Instagrammers what topics they'd like to see me cover. Never one to leave my peeps hangin', I started organizing the topics in a way that would make sense for transitioners. I want to make sure that I cover EVERYTHING to help readers have a successful, less-than-traumatic transition to natural hair. The road ain't easy, but all hell doesn't have to break loose every wash day. So here's how this thing is gonna go down - starting MONDAY!

Transitioning 101: The Basics
In this post, I will cover the basics - what is transitioning, how to transition (in general), how long to transition, when to trim, and what tools you'll need to transition. I will also cover what heat damage, color damage, and relaxer damage looks like.

Transitioning 102: Breakage Prevention, Intervention, and Care
The primary concern for transitioners is breakage. In this post, I'll go through identifying breakage vs. shedding, how to prevent breakage, and care for hair that is breaking. It will also include tips for proper moisture and retention, as well as how to have a drama-free wash day.

Transitioning 103: Blending Textures - The Best Styles for Transitioners
This post will actually be a video - and featured on Black Girl with Long Hair! It will include snippet tutorials of easy to create texture-blending styles and techniques. Stay tuned for this multi-texture mashup! There will be a part 2 related post or video about how to maintain these styles while working out, or sleeping!

Transitioning 104: Special Treatments
In this post, I'll cover hot oil, henna, protein/restorative, clay masks, and other intensive treatments for transitioning hair - and whether they have any actual benefits or not.

Transitioning 105: Product Junkie Madness
In this post, I'll cover product junkie-ism: the good, the bad, the ugly. I'll also discuss tips for not paying an arm and a leg for products in general, which products to avoid, how to avoid being a PJ if you don't want to become one, and if you are one, how to do it and not go bankrupt.

Transitioning 106: What to Expect As You Transition
This will be an updated version of the post I have previously written. Cick here to peep more on that.

Are there any other transitioning topics you'd like to see? E-mail me at with your suggestions/tips!