Under Construction...Again!

FYI! Things may look a little loopy at www.maneobjective.com while under construction! All the content is still there, just need to fine tune and reorganize. Thank you for your support!!!

No, you're not crazy.

Yes, those are food pictures in the sliders.

Yes, I am re-designing the blog again. As I grow in blogging and as a writer, I feel the need to make changes and adjustments to how www.maneobjective.com looks. For 2014, I'm going for a more clean, refined, and polished look focused on ease of access to important topics and information. My goal is to get you all the information you need and want as easily as possible. Here are some things you can look forward to:

A Special Area JUST for Transitioners
As we ring in the new year, many ladies will be looking to begin their journeys to healthy, natural hair. A lot of my transition information was scattered about the blog, and I am re-organizing everything in a no-fail, if you can't find it I ain't got it fashion. I'm really excited about this!

Easy to Find Product Reviews
If you look at the menu bar, you'll notice everything is laid out a little differently. The transitioner area I just mentioned is there, among other things. One highlight I'm looking to roll out a little differently from most blogs is how my product reviews are organized. I'm a product junkie, and therefore product reviews will roll out a'plenty in 2014. There's an entire section dedicated to conditioners (and subcategories for regular, deep, and leave-ins), as well as sections for shampoos and cleansers, style and defining products, and of course, oils, butters, and moisturizers. It's gonna be PJ heaven!

More About Me
One thing my blog was missing was information about me. I left it out intentionally because I found it to be a little narcissistic. As I grow, I realize it is important to put a face to my blog and brand, and the Christina's Mane section will do just that. I'll be sharing more on my transitioning journey, updating current regimen practices, favorite products, and more.

Fixing Those Darn Comments
Ever since I integrated my comments with Google+, I haven't been able to respond directly to people. I will definitely be fixing that. I'm not ignoring ya'll, I promise!!!!!

Cleaner Layout & A New Logo!
I've put out an APB for a graphic designer, so I can retire the janky logo I created in early 2012. Also out the door for 2014 is bright color contrasts that take away from ease of reading. I'm going for a cleaner layout, easy to read material, and of course, a quality design.

Anything else you want to see on The Mane Objective in 2014? Drop me a line at info@maneobjective.com!

Happy New Year!!!


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