In Case You Missed It: Ouidad #FRIZZ101 Google+ Hangout on YouTube!

Did you miss the @ouidad live hangout earlier? Don't fret, it's on YouTube! Catch all the amazing information and tips from the Queen of Curl herself here: #FRIZZ101 Live with Ouidad: 
On another note, I had a BLAST! It was so much fun

Happy Monday!!! 

Were you able to catch the live Google+ Hangout with +Ouidad The Queen of Curl herself, along with Ty Alexander, myself, and a host of other FAB panelists?

If you didn't, no worries! And even if you did but need a refresher -- the video is live on YouTube! Watch it here:

I got booted a few times, but it's all good. I still had a blast and got SOOOOO much good information. Here are a few things you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be exploring:
  • Regularly scheduled deep treatments (every 2 weeks, same day same time)
  • Oils and Butters NOT sealing in moisture but rather suffocating the hair (I'll DEFINITELY be doing tons of digging to get to the bottom of this one)
  • Incorporating more amino acids into my regimen
  • Regularly hydrating the hair with the Botanical Boost or another refresher spray
  • Using humectants the RIGHT way!
What were your thoughts on the Google+ hangout? Leave your comments below!


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