Are You Tempted to Go Back? Don't Give Up on Your Natural Hair Journey Just Yet....

Me and my mane have come a long way.....
Are you stuck in a hair rut?

You know, those times when it seems like your hair has launched a personal attack against you -- and despite your best efforts to diplomatic with the best deep conditioners and holiest of holy grail curl definers -- it refuses to back down? Maybe you made a mistake (or three, or ten) and you're just ready to throw in the towel. Or perhaps, this whole "natural thing" seems too complicated, and you're ready to go back to what feels simple and familiar -- that relaxer or that flat iron.

Trust me, I've been there -- more times than I want to admit. But before you run to Sally's and grab those deeply discounted relaxer kits (I can't be the only one that notices them on clearance everywhere!) or go digging for your precious flat iron, stop and read this.

You can get over this hump.

I know you can, because I did. In my moments of weakness and peaks of frustration, I had to hunker down and be honest with myself. I've never had a relaxer, but I know what it feels like to hide behind a flat iron every two weeks. I know what it feels like to straighten your hair within an inch of its life, and then turn around and use a curling iron to fake "volume" because your hair has thinned terribly.

I also know what it feels like to look in the mirror and hate your hair.

I transitioned for 21 months, a period which tried every bit of my patience, resolve, and self-confidence. There were days that my banana clip and bobby pins would tuck away a multitude of hair sin, and there were days where I looked in the mirror and just said, "I can't." But those days, those feelings, those frustrations -- they will all fall away in due time as you learn. It doesn't mean they won't be back, but you'll be better equipped to deal with them as you delve further into your natural hair journey. These 4 tips will help you cope with the temptation of going back to what seems comfortable or easier. Check them out at!