Mane Objective Reader E-Mails: Help for Psoriasis Sufferers

Thank you all for your amazing feedback on my BGLH article. Below is an e-mail inquiry from a reader, in response to my writing on Psoriasis. I hope this helps someone!



THANK YOU SO MUCH for shedding light on this issue.  I haven't searched out natural's with this issue, but this is the first time I saw a post about it.  Before, I thought, I must be the only natural experiencing this issue.  Although I think my case my be more on the severe side (literally needing to wash to relieve itch and remove scaling every other day), just hearing someone else can relate is a bit soothing.

Right now I use Giovanni Triple Tea Tree Threat shampoo, and with good results.  Problem is, after a couple days, my scalp has scales/patches again, and itches like crazy.

Right now I only wash once a week, out of just being too busy. So by wash day, the scales are out of control, and itching like crazy. So I pre-poo w/ olive oil and peppermint oil on my scalp for no less than 20 minutes to help lift the scales.  Before I wash, I lift the scales w/ a fine tooth comb, but not comb them all the way out, just lift them, and with vigorous washing with my finger tips most of it comes out.  Only to reappear in a couple days :(

So, my question is, how severe is yours?  With no maintenance or treatment, how long can you go between washes?

Also, with the treatment of henna, how often now can you go in between washes?

What is your wash routine (start to finish)? I would like to experiment with henna and the African black soap to see if this helps my condition.  And do you apply the henna only to scalp or hair and scalp?

I know this is asking a lot, but I am desperate, and again thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christina Says:

Hi Sherise,

Thank you for contacting me, and re-affirming why I chose to do the article. I was a bit nervous at first, unsure if people would be able to relate to my challenges. On top of that, I feel like psoriasis is so misunderstood, and at it's worst, grosses people out (I saw that in some of the comments on the picture from the article on BGLH).

I totally feel your challenges -- I have been dealing with psoriasis over my whole body since I was in 10th grade. During the summer months, I am able to keep the psoriasis on my skin at bay, thanks to increased sunlight and warmer weather. But since my scalp doesn't get sun, psoriasis never went away there.  at the height of my psoriasis severity, I found myself resorting to everyday wash and go's because I couldn't deal with the constant scaling and flaking. I would soak  my head in coconut and tea tree oil almost nightly, and do a w-n-g because I didn't want to walk around the next day with stringy, oily hair. My scalp was constantly flaking -- I couldn't wear dark colors, and I was always concerned with trying to hide the scaling around my ears and hairline. When I did straighten my hair, I could only wear it for 2 days before flakes began to return with full force.

All of my psoriasis drama began to go away after I began using henna. Henna has truly been my saving grace, for some reason.I can't understand why, but the re sults are all I need to know that the mess of henna-ing is worth it. Henna has made me feel normal again -- to the point where I can rock straightened hair until I'm tired of it, and I only wash my hair on wash days to remove product buildup (and a few small flakey scales that surface near the back of my head). I actually only shampoo my hair like once a month now, and it feels great. My boyfriend is also happy that I can lay on his couch and not leave flakes behind, lol.

My regimen looks something like this:

  • Detangle with Kinky Curly Knot Today and water -- I honestly only pre-poo my hair when it feels really dry
  • Section co-wash with Wen, Aussie Moist, or some random new conditioner I'm trying out, and making sure i gently rake my scalp with my fingertips to get out any product buildup. I work out 4-5 days a week, so I have to get all the sweat out!
  • Moisturize with a leave-in (right now I like to just take some conditioner, and mix it with water to make a spray -- it's very cost effective!)
  • Seal with Aloe Vera Juice or Gel (I just started experimenting with that this week, and I love the lightweight feel it gives me)
  • I protectively style my hair during the week (mostly buns), and wear it out on the weekends (after co-washing)
  • Detangle
  • Section wash with SM African Black Soap Clarifying Shampoo
  • Henna with Light Mountain Red Henna (It is sold at Whole Foods and Sprouts [if that exists in your area]) -- I leave it on for at least 3 hours. If I do it late at night, I will leave it on overnight. Henna can be drying, so I make a mix with henna, Aussie Moist, coconut oil, and water. I make sure to get the henna on my scalp especially. But be careful around the hairline -- it can and will stain :-) Also, make sure that when you henna, you avoid using shampoos and conditioners with protein. It can overload/harden/dry the hair.
  • Wash out the henna with a little SM shampoo or Aussie Moist conditioner
  • Deep Condition with SM African Black Soap Purification Masque, or the Anti-Breakage Masque.
  • Air dry//style
Please let me know if you have any questions about the regimen!!! I hope you can find some relief. Thank you for contacting me!

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