Subscription Box Review: Curl Collection

This October @curlcollection & @frizzfreecurls box is EVERYTHING right now! I was JUST in the BSS yesterday eyeballing these EXACT products, I kid you not. #CurlCollection #subscriptionbox #naturalhair #naturalhairproducts #curls #productreview #comingsoon #productjunkiesunite
My October 2013 Curl Collection Box.... YES!!!!
I'm sure by now you've heard of big name natural and curly hair subscription boxes, like curlBOX and CurlKit. But have you heard of Curl Collection?  According to their website, Curl Collection is:
“The ultimate experience for women and kids with curly hair. Sample FULL size products, from the hottest brands, delivered to your door.”

You had me at full size.

As a natural/transitioner (I'm almost there!) with thick hair and long layers that reach a little beyond bra strap length (BSL for you acronym lovers), I get a little frustrated with sample sizes. It's difficult to determine whether I want to actually spend my money on a product based upon a 1oz sample packet. Enter, Curl Collection with the brilliant idea to ship nothing but full sized product lines to your door. Yes, lines. So not only is everything full-sized, there is some continuity in terms of what you get in the box itself. Let me stop gushing over how much I love the concept and get to the actual review. Here are a few basics:

Founded by Nadja Renise, Curl Collection is built on supporting small business, and getting the hottest brands out to customers at a great price. Curl Collection prides themselves on being ingredient conscious, and promises to never send products with sulfates, parabens, drying alcohol, sulfates, and more. The goal is to help natural women find products and brands their curls will love.

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